Originally designed for Action Learning Sets to help develop questioning skills, our Question Bank can also be used by trainers, managers and facilitators to encourage and develop questioning and problem solving skills.

One hundred and thirteen coaching style questions that encourage a coach approach to helping others think more broadly beyond their current horizon or viewpoint of the situation or problem. These simple to use question cards are great to use with teams, in training courses, to support coaching skills development and in Action Learning Sets.

 The cards are colour coded for easy recognition.

  • The green Outcomes questions help define the topic and desired outcome

  • The orange Exploration questions are designed to help generate new thinking and insight

  • The red Action questions which help define clear next steps

  • The blue Review questions to encourage reflection and help identify learning

" I had amazing success using your Question Bank as part of day two coaching workshop. One attendee had previously struggled with the difference between the skill of coaching and mentoring and in particularly being able to ask open questions and not give advice. With the cards he suddenly got it as, in his words, it gave him a process to follow. Your format of the easy to read cards helps people to stay engaged and to listen. Thank you. "

Kate Flory, Coach and Trainer

What’s in the pack?

Each pack comes in a handy cotton draw bag and contains 117 colour coded question cards with a matt laminate finish to reduce reflected light and improve readability.

  • 10 Outcome focused cards

  • 62 Exploration focused cards

  • 12 Action focused cards

  • 21 Review focused cards

  • 12 Open question prompt cards - What, when, where, who, which & how… cards (two of each)

The prompt cards measure 195mm x 42mm, the question cards are 134mm x 30mm

£40.00 + £4 P&P (1st class to UK addresses) Postage for international orders will be stated at the time of the order. 

** Order the Word Bank & Question Bank together at the special price of £60 + £4.50 P&P

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