Know the difference between an Action Learning cycle and an Action Learning Set? 

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How long is the average Action Learning programme? 

Typically, an Action Learning programme is made up of between 4-8 meetings lasting between 2.5hrs and whole days over a 7-12 month period. Each programme we deliver is designed to fit our client’s requirements and logistics. 

Who is Action Learning for?

Action Learning is for senior leaders and businesses willing to commit to a long-term intervention, willing to embrace a new way of working, who are open minded and looking for new ways to grow and develop their people. 

Who developed Action Learning – and why?

Back in the 1950s, astrophysicist Reg Revans worked with Nobel prize winners and noted that, when faced with a difficult research problem, they sat and asked each other lots of questions (even if it wasn’t their field of expertise). He saw that the approach, where no one is the ‘expert’, led to workable solutions. 

Since then, it’s gone global. Everyone from sheep farmers in Wales to manufacturers in Korea have benefitted from AL’s dynamic approach, enabling them to challenge old knowledge to find new and fresh ways of working. 

How will I know if Action Learning is right for my business?

AL is not appropriate for every business. You need a genuine appetite for change, be willing to shake up the status quo, and be prepared to truly empower your people. While it takes time to establish, the connections made through an Action Learning Set are powerful, sustainable and proven to resolve even the most complex of issues. We’re always happy to help assess whether AL is right for you – just get in touch.  

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