There are times we want to acknowledge others qualities, what they are contributing or how they are showing up.

Sometimes we perceive a quality or state of being that would be of benefit to a team member or an Action Learning Set member. The Word Bank effectively facilitates the giving and receiving of positive feedback and acknowledgement. A fun tool that can be used in a variety of ways.

There are 52 words cover a variety of qualities such as Authentic, Bold, Resourceful, Dedicated, plus a blank card that allows other words to be used. Clearly printed on matt laminate to reduce glare they are easy to use.


The pack also comes with a PDF visual version to use in virtual meetings.

PDF visual of the Word Bank

PDF visual of the Word Bank

What’s in Your pack?

The Word Bank contains 52 word cards plus a blank card, instructions and a sturdy box. You will also receive a PDF visual version to use with virtual groups and teams.

The cards measure 85mm x 55mm

£26 + £4 P&P (1st class to UK addresses) Postage for international orders will be stated at the time of the order. 

** Order the Word Bank & Question Bank together at the special price of £60 + £4.50 P&P