What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is a highly practical and cost-effective group-coaching methodology. In our view, it is one of the best ways for businesses and organisations in the 21st century to truly develop, engage and retain their workforce. 

“We learn most when faced with a real problem which we are obliged to solve.”
— Lord Weinstock, Managing Director GEC

Adopted by organisations all over the world, from SMEs to global corporations, Action Learning has the power to positively disrupt fixed organisational cultures, get to the heart of real underlying issues, and offer an inventive way to approach and resolve those issues. 


How does Action Learning work? 

“Action Learning is a method for individual and organisational development based upon small groups of colleagues meeting over time to tackle real problems or issues in order to get things done; reflecting and learning with and from their experience and from each other as they attempt to change things.
— John Edmonstone - The Action Learner’s Toolkit

Action Learning brings small groups of people together from different areas of your business to solve real issues in real time. It is most effective when there is the appetite and receptiveness for real transformation or cultural change. 


Why choose Action Learning?

From healthcare, engineering and the arts, to education, charities, social enterprises and manufacturing, organisations from all sectors are using Action Learning to:

  • Improve existing training programmes
  • Implement a new strategy
  • Develop individuals and senior leaders
  • Embed learning into an organisation.
Why Action Learning

It allows individuals to harness their true power, skills and capabilities to confidently work together and find sustainable resolutions. And, it supports their personal development, enhancing emotional intelligence and resilience. 

For the organisation, Action Learning is an effective way to break down silos, build connections, and strengthen networks – providing a vehicle for change and innovation. 

And because it refines the skills of listening, questioning, challenge and feedback it can significantly contribute to creating a coaching culture and building coaching capacity. 

Case studies

Read our case studies to see how effective Action Learning can be.

Improving team working and increasing trust 
Aerospace industry

In the ever-evolving, highly-competitive aerospace industry, trust between the senior management team (directly below the board) is essential…

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Changing the culture to encourage organisational development
Higher Education sector

The University of Salford introduced an organisational development programme to improve performance and create a change in culture involving over 160 academic and professional service staff…

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Developing social enterprise leaders
Social enterprise sector

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) provides courses and year-long programmes to budding and established social entrepreneurs. Action Learning (AL) forms the backbone of all their programmes… 

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