What questioning habits do you have?

Recently we ran a short workshop looking at how to develop questioning skills in Action Learning sets. One aspect we explored was the idea that as facilitators and questioners we can develop habits and have biases towards certain types of questions. 

For some this was often asking feelings based questions, for others it was about relying on favourite 'go to' questions. 

What also emerged was the habits and preferences of our set members. What do you notice about the questions asked in your groups? Are there themes or trends?

Do they ask lots of 'How..' questions early in the process? Do they avoid certain types of questions? Do the questions focus more on the task and less on the individual and their relationship to the task? 

Next time you're facilitating notice or ask your Set to observe the questions that get asked. How can the range and types of questions be expanded? How might this enhance the process and the outcomes? We'd love to hear what you notice. 

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