Team coaching

Team coaching is a cost-effective and practical way to harness the power and enhance the performance, communication and cohesion of senior leaders.

Our team coaching services give individuals the time and space to work together, to explore ways to deal with current workplace challenges – and contribute to larger organisational initiatives.

What can you expect?

Combining facilitation and coaching skills, we start by diagnosing and identifying what the team needs to focus on, then work with them over a number of sessions to help them fulfil the objectives of the coaching.

We provide assessment tools to help raise awareness of individual and team strengths and weaknesses, and enable them to develop thoughtful and effective dialogue.

What are the benefits of team coaching?

We are keen advocates of building the strength, resilience and power of a team. Through coaching, we can:

  • Develop better team players or leader/manager
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Improve team cohesion and communication
  • Create team alignment
  • Build clarity around roles and responsibilities
  • Increase productivity and positivity
  • Improve collaborative working
  • Develop and agree team behaviours and norms

Is team coaching for you?

Every organisation and team is different. That’s why we would like to talk to you in the first instance, so that we can put together the most relevant and effective proposal for your organisation. To get started, give us a call.

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