Coaching and leadership development programmes

Many leadership development programmes help managers build their competencies to move into more senior roles. By bringing Action Learning and coaching into your programme, we can help them transfer their learning into the workplace more effectively. 

We design our coaching programmes to align with your learning and development programme, to complement your organisation’s strategic direction and support your business objectives – all within budget.

How can you use our coaching?

Use our coaching to:

  • Follow through and debrief a tool or focus on the theme of a programme
  • Provide a confidential arena for senior leaders to address personal performance and development areas
  • Give leaders time to think, reflect, plan and develop

How can our coaching align with your programme?

  • We support your leaders, emerging leaders and talent to focus on key development areas, within the context of the leadership programme
  • We enable shifts in leadership styles and behaviours that benefit the organisation
  • We help embed and apply the programme content to specific arenas
  • We support succession planning

You can meet our Action Learning facilitators and coaches here. Or read how, as part of a client’s leadership development programme, we devised a successful intervention to build trust among senior leaders.

We’re always happy to talk through how we can work with your team to develop your people and support your organisational development goals. Just give us a call.  

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