1-2-1 Coaching

There is much evidence to show that coaching is one of the most effective ways to transform an individual and accelerate development.

We provide a highly confidential and supportive environment that ensures professionals reconnect with their beliefs, values and strengths and have thinking space to review and tackle key challenges

Who is our 1-2-1 coaching for?

  • Leaders -  nascent, emerging, delivering
  • Executives
  • New promotions
  • Career changers
  • Those keen to develop and progress

How can our 1-2-1 coaching help?

With focused space and time, working with an ALC coach helps you:

  • Build confidence and motivation
  • Enhance interpersonal and communication skills
  • Get ready for a new role or promotion
  • Find vision and plan for the future
  • Create transformational shifts in leadership styles and behaviours
  • Build a plan for personal growth
“I can’t believe how far I have come, from the first contact and filling out my questionnaire, to ending our conversations and having more enthusiasm, confidence and vision from the powerful and useful discussions we had. My coaching time was very precious, it provided me with space, a safe environment and the opportunity to talk about me – what I wanted, where I was in my life and my work aspirations.

Our conversations were thought provoking, building our trust and finding solutions through the process I felt that I addressed some of the areas that were holding me back. Coaching is powerful, and wonderful in helping you find yourself and taking you on a journey to meet your aspirations.”
— Karen Darley, Workforce Development Advisor, City of York Council

You can see our team of qualified coaches here.

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