FAQs about Peer Action Learning Groups 


How does it work?

•    Each set is between 4 – 6 people 

•    It meets every 6 - 8 weeks over a series of either 4 or 6 sessions.  

•    This can either be face-to-face or virtually on video conferencing (Skype or Zoom). 

•    Sets are facilitated by one of our experienced ALC facilitators


What happens in Peer Action Learning?

•    The time is divided up to give each person an opportunity to bring a current live issue to the session

•    The facilitator keeps the session flowing and supports the group in asking open questions 

•    The questions help the issue holder explore their issue, challenge thinking, encourage new perspectives 

•    This results in the issue holder committing to action 

•    Everyone reflects on the learning from exploring this issue

•    The next session begins with an update and reflections since last time; adding insights to about the issue, about self and the process of learning.


Can I join on my own?

Anyone can join one of our open Peer Action Learning Groups. Our role is to ensure a group has the best chance of working, so we ask a few questions of potential members in advance to:

•    find some common ground about what people want from the ALS 

•    bring peers together in a group e.g. CEO’s in a group, new leaders in another

•    check for any potential conflicts of interest between organisations or members


We ask everyone to share a short bio about themselves to help in this process. 


I’ve never done action Learning before. Do you provide some background information? 

Yes. You’ll receive a Welcome Pack that gives you background information, outlines the process, principles and how the group will work.

Every group member will also receive an Action Learning handbook so you capture your notes and actions in one place. 


How will I know if I like it?

We offer an initial ‘give it a go’ chemistry check session usually lasting 3-4 hours. This is particularly important for those new to Action Learning and for a group of strangers to check the fit and mix.

If the answer is yes you want to go ahead, you then sign up for 5 further sessions. 

If the answer is no then you just pay for the one session.

Team agreements are made around confidentiality, commitment, dates and logistics.


Register your interest as new groups start throughout the year.