About us

When we set up the Action Learning Centre in 2012, our aim was to help people build their resilience, confidence and skills; to improve the world of work; and to help businesses thrive. 

Over the years, we’ve worked with a variety of organisations across the UK, Europe and Canada. We’ve helped charities become more adaptable, enabled social enterprises to grow in effectiveness, prepared healthcare institutions for change, supported universities to improve performance, and enabled people in the aeronautical industry to be more agile in their thinking. 

We know Action Learning is a powerful, productive, adaptable, enjoyable and creative way of working – able to make a lasting difference in and across organisations. 

Why choose us?

With real industry expertise, our team is highly experienced in advanced facilitation, organisational development and team coaching. We’re adaptable, committed to nurturing talent, and able to harness and flex Action Learning’s principles and methodology to your needs.  

We’ve helped CEOs develop their leadership skills, worked with individuals to build their facilitation skills, and supported managers with their personal and professional development. 

We’re passionate about the benefits and application of this powerful process. Some might say we’re Action Leaning anoraks!  

Our approach 

Our innovative, dynamic approach, together with the tried-and-tested Action Learning methodology, has enabled organisational development teams and the wider business achieve goals and make a positive difference in the workplace. 

With every new project or client, we follow our proven six-step process: 

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